Good news! Summer is coming! 

Good news! Summer is coming! And there is no better time than now to turn a new page in your health routine and get your body holiday ready!
One of the fundamentals of Chinese medicine is that the health of the body, the mind and the spirit is reflected on the face. Internal health radiates as external beauty. Skin problems and aging ultimately result from internal imbalances, so the best way to address them is to correct the inner imbalances.Where to start…
Diet of course! But Im sure you already knew that answer…
I had a long conversation with a friend of mine about health and eating properly. The argument went down the usual path of ‘I’m not hungry in the mornings’, ‘shops sell nothing I like’ and the best one – ‘I don’t have time to cook or eat properly…’
I have had similar discussions before and all I say is – if there is no health, there is nothing… Realise the depth of this!
The only source of life sustaining nourishment you get is from food. The worn out statement ‘You are what you eat’ is all true. The quality of food plays such an important role in your mental and physical health. Bright eyed and bushy tailed does not result from food deprivation or copious amounts of coffee and sweets to prop you up and drag you on…
Quality nourishment is required to create good solid Qi (pronounced: chi, meaning – energy, life force) which in turn will support your immune system. When you eat well your level of energy and happiness will be consistently high, your ideas will sprout swiftly, your creativity and imagination will flow. Might sound like a fairy-tale but I know for sure you’ll have a grin on your face every morning, even on Mondays when you are in balance. When that happens, ask what you’re doing right and then repeat that. Sorting out your diet is the place to start!

Few suggestions for the Super-busy.

My first suggestion is of course – prepare something the night before. Sandwich or a boiled egg or…

I sometimes go that extra step and make a buckwheat porridge which can be turned into a lovely salad by adding some fresh chopped parsley and sweet peppers (or whatever you like)with simple oil and vinegar dressing. While the buckwheat boils (which is 10 min) you can chop your veg and voile – healthy, hearty breakfast that doesn’t take long time to make and tastes delicious either cold or hot.

Nowadays every work place has a microwave, and they provide tea and milk at least if not more. This will give you an opportunity to make scrambled eggs or oatmeal porridge. Or have a box of muesli or cereal in your drawer… opportunities are endless
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping it does you no favours – not only are you depriving your body of nutrition when you need it most, but you’re also likely to over eat the next time you do eat.
Oh and lunch… I try to leave Sundays just for me, myself and I and so I cook and make some more so I can freeze it and use when I don’t have time or I’m feeling lazy during the week. For example you can make pasta sauces, anything tomato based freezes well (bolognaise, arabiatta). Save it in a portion size boxes and to boil pasta for it only takes maximum 10 min. Any pureed soups will be ideal and few things that I often make in bulk myself are Chilli con Carne, chicken soup, eggplant parmesan bake, lasagne…
It is different in UK and Ireland, but I was brought up with a routine to have the biggest meal between 1 and 2pm, at the height of the day. And then in the evening have something small, with a cup of herbal tea before you unwind from the busy day. Try not to eat at least an hour before you plan to go to bed. Be kind and let your body be done with digestion so you can get the best sleep.
The time to bring changes is NOW. Make that choice to care and love yourself more than you have so far. Don’t ignore the kind and loving warning signs that your body sends through headaches and small aches and pains – attend to them right away. Your body is your temple – you know what you need.

It’s a challenge – will you accept?